pic_benefits1Outinord’s building technology facilitates the introduction of just-in-time logistical control. Builders can plan and meet their production deadlines, accurately schedule all supplies, predict manpower needs and coordinate the arrival and completion of finishing trades.

Produce 4,000 square feet of floor area per day. Every day.

Thanks to the daily work cycle, builders can produce 4,000 square feet of floor area every workday. This consistent daily production rate represents 2, 3, 4, or more apartments, which sets the pace for the project’s on-schedule progress. It allows the contractor and developer to accurately forecast work schedules, material deliveries, and move-in dates.

Respective tasks propel manpower efficiency.

Because the work crew performs the same tasks every day, workers quickly become proficient in their tasks and do not require special construction trade skills.

Daily production cycle optimizes productivity.

Finishing trades may be scheduled to quickly follow the formwork crew throughout the building process. Electrical conduits as well as plumbing stacks and cabinetry can be pre-bent, built or assembled and delivered to the work site with just-in-time precision and efficiency.