Circular Forms

circularform1bDesigned to build curved walls in both pre-set or variable radii. For curved residential architectural designs or civil engineering projects such as sewage plants, towers, stairwells, etc.

VRCF 8000

A variable radius circular formwork system that uses turnbuckles affixed to the vertical stiffeners to increase or decrease the curvature.

Design Features:

  • Flush-fit connection systems facilitate the use of upper or lower extensions.
  • Includes complete safety, access and stability accessories in the standard package.

Circular Forms for Reservoirs

A vertically rigid, yet horizontally flexible system with a standard steel forming face.  This formwork fits flush to the curved surfaces of circular formwork produced in the Outinord plant.

  • The forming face may be re-used many times
  • Full warranty covers curve compliance specifications.
  • Can be readily re-used many times on surfaces with an identical radius.

circularform2bCustom Circular Column Forms

Outinord will design and produce custom-sized formwork of specified dimensions to meet unusual project design needs.  Box outs and inserts may also be added as needed.  In addition, Outinord will adapt columns to meet specified site conditions and provide forms for column heads as required.