striploadgablesupportbYour work force is protected at all times during the Outinord construction process.  Supports, platforms and stabilizing equipment are either integrated into or designed to move with the Outinord formwork systems.

Stripping Platforms

These platforms are essentially designed to facilitate removal of tunnel forms during the stripping process.  They also serve as large work and circulation areas.  A narrower platform may be substituted in restricted areas.

Gable End Supports

Gable end supports are designed to services gable end forms, facades or prefabricated units.  They also provide safe worker circulation.  An automatic locking system guarantees stability.

Safety Platforms

Slab box outs (for stairwells, elevators and service ducts) may be filled with various types of safety platforms.

Other Platforms

All Outinord platforms are engineered and manufactured under the same criteria.  As a result, the Company can also supply:

  • Loading platforms
  • Support equipment for the installation of pre-fabricated units