prefabbOutinord can provide a variety of special molds for use on-site to produce stairs, landing slabs, columns, retaining walls, parapets, balconies and closure walls.  These molds, manufactured to exacting Outinord standards, are often provided ready-to-use with all connecting and handling accessories, built-in heaters, thermal insulation, vibrators and lifting beam included.

Precast Battery Molds

Two pocket (1+1), single multiple pockets (4 to 6) or twin multiple pockets (4+4 or more).
Heights: 10ft (3.00m), 12ft (3.50m), and 14ft (4.00m).
Lengths: 26ft (8.00m), 30ft (10.00m), and 36ft (12.00m).
Thickness:3″ ( 0.07m) to 12″ (0.30m)

Tilting Tables

May be hoisted with overhead crane or hydraulics at 80º or 90º with relation to gantry.

Widths: 10ft (3.00m), 12ft (3.50m), and 14ft (4.00m)
Lengths: 26ft (8.00m), 30ft (10.00m), 36ft (12.00m)
Useful load: 100psf (500Kg/m²)
Autonomous Molds

Help builders manufacture a variety of the components used in structures and common areas: stairs, balconies, parapets, sun protection systems, ducts, and landings.  Also piping, manholes, retaining walls, telephone poles, etc.

Molds: Custom-sized to specifications and desired production rate.

Advantages: All components are produced rapidly and ready to install.  In addition to major cost savings, the builder is able to maintain complete quality control.

tunnelformpic05Forming Tools for Public Works

Outinord manufactures a complete line of formwork designed to construct tunnels built for rapid transit systems, water conduits or passageways built under freeways, railway lines and airport runways.  Outinord formwork is available in rectangular or circular profiles.

Various types: Bench anchoring forms.  Self-supporting forms (installed in two phases: pier, then arch form), rectangular, telescopic circular forms.

Options: Handling gantry.

Advantages: High productivity, excellent quality control, predictable schedules.


Load Bearing Component Molds

Produce pre-slabs, hollow core slabs or beams (rectangular, “I” shaped, etc.).  Also ideal for reinforced or pre-stressed components.

Molds: The modular design is manufactured to meet road transportation standards.  Designed to assemble in lengths of 80 and 150lm for in-plant production.

Productivity features: Trimmer for tightening and loosening tensioning cables.

Tools: Protective covers on reel.