Slab Forms

slabform1bccDesigned to complement wall forms.  Outinord’s slab forms are available in two main types:

  • Hand set forms intended for non-repetitive tasks.
  • Table forms intended for repetitive tasks.

In both cases, beams can be formed simultaneously.


A hybrid slab form, which is easily handled on-site.  It comprises aluminum beams linked together by a drop-head system.  This system can be unlocked when stripping forms and available in standard modular sized suited to all structural configurations.  Plywood panels are fitted to the beams to create the forming face.  The deck form system is designed to allow the slab props to be maintained in position after stripping the forms.  Beams and slabs may be formed simultaneously.

slabform1bd“Lyre-Shaped” Forming Table

An excellent design makes this a particularly affordable tool for pouring slabs at heights up to 16ft (5.0m).

  • Quick to assemble
  • Extendable heights
  • Base frame easily adapts for wood or metal forming surface.
  • Both slabs and beams can be formed simultaneously.