Tunnel Forms

tunnelform1bOutinord tunnel forms bring the speed and efficiency of assembly-line automation to the construction workplace.

Designed to cast load bearing walls and slab in a single, monolithic pour, these Outinord runnel forms are especially well-suited to the construction of multiple residential dwellings (affordable attached or detached housing projects, garden apartments, town homes, rental complexes, condominiums, hotels, etc.). The Outinord construction process imposes a daily work discipline, which produces structures of exceptional quality at great speed and economy. As described below, Outinord produces several versions of tunnel forms systems, each version suitable for a multitude of customer preferences or project requirements.


System Benefits:

Cost Effective
Durable, strong
Easy to move, set and assemble
System readily accommodates door and window openings, plumbing, electric and built-in embeds
Superb concrete finish
Perfect alignment of walls
Dimensionally accurate to 1/32″ (1mm)
Can be readily adapted to existing plans
Inspires inventive architectural design

Standard Half-Tunnel

Casts walls and slab in a single, monolithic pour.
Achieves a daily, repetitive task production cycle.

Modular Half-Tunnel

Allows user to add or subtract panels to vary bay span.
Also makes formwork easier to adapt and reuse for other projects.

Span width can be adjusted by fitting an additional panel measuring between 2″ and 24″ (0.05 and 0.60m). Package length: Up to 41′ (12.50m) in length as a function of the hoisting facilities and availability. Basic length 4.1′ (1.25m).

TMPH Modular Half Tunnel

Allows user to add or subtract panels to vary bay span.
Provides greater variety of horizontal adjustments and features favorable ergonomics.

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