Wall Forms

wallform1bbbMany construction projects are better suited to the use of wall forms.  Here too, Outinord’s superior engineering, the use of high quality steel and High Performance quality control result in a vastly superior Wall Form system.  Together with an array of Outinord designed accessories, these forms constitute a true system approach to construction and are particularly suited to build structural walls, columns, bridge piers, culverts and other civil engineering applications.  This equipment adapts well to daily work-phases of both repetitive and non-repetitive tasks.

Collapsible Wall Forms

These wall forms are fully equipped and assembled a the Outinord plant.  They are designed to be immediately operational upon arrival at the job site.

  • Available quickly
  • Immediately operational
  • Fast site-to-site transfers

Omega B8000 Wall Forms

  • A superior construction system featuring:
  • Ease of use; superior ergonomics
  • Speedy construction
  • Produces smooth, virtually flawless concrete wall surfaces
  • All safety equipment and stability systems are fully integrated

Rake Forms

Available in standard units.  Fitted with sloped wall-stop-ends.  Includes concrete pour hatches.

Shaft Forms

Wall Forms may be adapted for use in elevator shafts or stairwells:

  • Standard angle forms
  • Specific stripping systems
  • Standard gable end connections or climbing platforms to install half climbing forms

wallform2bCentral Core of a 190M Tower

Construction time to build with these on-site steel forms 4 days per 10,000ft²

Split into 32 packages

2 teams comprising 14 workers @ 10 hours per day.

Superposition at Great Height

Thanks to its high quality assembly, its flush fitting panel design and a well-designed stability system, these Outinord Wall Forms may be stacked to reach great heights (the records has been set at 74ft (22.5m)).