pic_tech1Today, more than ever, building programs must be carried out with greater efficiency and productivity.
If developers and builders are to survive and prosper, they might well emulate the manufacturing sector where efficiency, management and logistical control are vastly superior. By increasing productivity to levels achieved by manufacturers, builder’s costs, completion times and quality levels will be substantially improved.

This improvement results in consistent and verified by more than 8,000,000 Outinord built dwellings throughout the world. The effectiveness of Outinord’s construction technology makes us a genuine partner of our colleagues in the construction industry.


 For the Contractor:

    • Cost savings on construction
    • Reduced need for skilled labor
    • Built-in accuracy
    • Simple, repetitive tasks
    • Predictable production schedule

For the Design team:

    • Design flexibility
    • Quality control
    • Close tolerances
    • Structural integrity

For the Developer:

    • Faster completion
    • High quality structures
    • Reduced maintenance and insurance expense
    • Reliable completion dates
    • Overall cost savings

For Buyers/Tenants:

    • Hurricane safe
    • Earthquake Resistant
    • Noise reduction
    • Fire resistant
    • Low maintenance